An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

An employee’s health has a tremendous impact in their productivity at work. That is why educating employees on staying healthy and taking care of themselves is necessary in the workplace. Making healthy decisions such as smart eating choices, incorporating exercise in their life style and maintaining a good mental health through stress management programs are critical for employees and organizations. Healthy employees promote success and provide a return on investment for the company. In order for companies to promote health and wellness within the organizations they should keep in mind the following initiatives:
Create innovative programs that are fun for the employees. Exercise challenges are very attractive and fun to develop. A very popular practice is providing a pedometer so employees can measure the number of steps or their walking distance per day.
Promote healthy meals for company events and meetings. Whether it is a company meeting or a fun event, companies should encourage employees to eat right by offering healthy and tasty options.
Create a healthy environment. Designate areas that are smoke-free in and around the company’s premises. This will protect all employees from being exposed to secondhand smoke and will protect those who are allergic to smoke.
Provide incentives. Let employees know that good healthy choices are rewarded by giving them gifts such as gift cards to sports stores or  healthy grocery stores, healthy food baskets, gym memberships, etc.
Communication. Provide different sources of information with wellness initiatives. Use social media posts and websites about fitness and nutrition to educate employees on the latest information on wellness.
Commitment. Most importantly, the development of a comprehensive wellness program is only possible if there is a commitment from top management and willingness from employees to get involved.

Written by: Ana DavisAna Davis

Ana was born and raised in Colombia, South America.  Ana has been in the United States for eighteen years and is now an American citizen.  She has an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Masters in Human Resources and Management.  Ana’s wealth of knowledge comes from a background in international business, human resources and finance.  Her community involvement spans from serving on the Board of Directors of Loaves and Fishes, Greer Relief Agency, The Greer Chamber of Commerce and the Spartanburg Human Resources Association (SHRA). Ana has been with Godshall Professional Recruiting and Staffing since 2004 as a Recruiter and was promoted in 2010 to the Human Resources/Business Manager. She is a member of Fairview Baptist Church in Greer, SC and is married to Jerry Davis.  Together they have one son Chase (23) and twin daughters Kayla and Jessica (16).


Meet the Staff!

Introducing Katherine Ericson!

Katherine Ericson

Healthcare and Marketing Recruiter

I am a Greenville transplant.  I have lived in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Virginia. I am a Wake Forest graduate – “Go Deacs!” I am married to a phenomenal husband with two fabulous children and an adorable Springer Spaniel, Molly. I enjoy reading, traveling, spending time with family, cooking, hiking and camping. I have been a recruiter at Godshall for nine years, focusing on healthcare, insurance and marketing industries.

1. How did you get into recruiting? – When I decided Greenville was where I wanted to settle, I was told by multiple people, “You HAVE to meet Julie Godshall Brown!” With 13 years of experience in marketing and customer relations, she thankfully felt recruiting would be a natural fit!

2. You staff for medical and marketing. How did you break into those fields? What do you enjoy most about each? Prior to Godshall, I did marketing in Charlotte, NC for commercial real estate and a large radiology practice. The knowledge I’ve obtained in these fields has helped me tremendously in penetrating the healthcare field and expanding our presence in the market by becoming an expert in the skills and needs for these positions. I love both industries for different reasons. Healthcare employees are some of the most wonderful people you can meet. They have so much passion for their profession. The market is fast moving and people are hungry to find the right fit. I feel like I am in the trenches with the office managers in trying to develop a strong team for their practice. Being a marketing professional, it is a natural fit for me to want to work in creative environments. The candidates are so unique and professional, and the employers are innovative and continue to impress me with the way they remain leaders in the market.

3. What is your favorite part about recruiting? It may sound cheesy, but we change people’s lives. We’ve assisted new graduates in their first career and helped people trying to get back on their feet after troubled times, especially after the recession. When I make that perfect match, I try to stay in touch and see where people are 5 years later. It always brings a smile to my face to learn they are still happy and enjoying their job.

4. What are the top 4 traits you look for when interviewing?

1. Ambition – Hunger to work and work hard! It surprises me daily how often I don’t feel this from my interviewees.
2. Pride – Someone who takes pride in their success!
3. Communication – As an English major, I am always impressed with good articulators. Be prepared to articulate your job history and your professional goals. If I can’t understand your experience and desires, how can I recommend you to our clients with confidence?
4. Personality – Be positive! People want someone on their team they can connect with in a positive way. However, you do want to be careful with this and read your interviewer – show your personality but remain professional!

5. If you could give advice to those looking for a job, what would it be?
Remember that you are looking for a job because YOU want a better situation for yourself. Yes, there are layoffs and there are unfortunate situations, but when you are on an interview, it is your time to find something even better than your last situation. Be excited for the possibilities! My husband and I always tell our children, “YOU are responsible for your life – make it great!”