May Your Good Be Better And Your Better Be Best

It’s that time again. The time where we look back on the past year, see what we’ve accomplished and what we can improve on in the coming year. Whether it be at work or at home, we all can admit we have areas we know we can improve on that will not only better our own lives, but also the lives of those around us. Below are the resolutions our staff has made for the year 2015!

I’ve always been a huge perfectionist. I got it from my dad unfortunately. This trait can be helpful in most parts of my life, but in others, it’s a huge hindrance. I’ve noticed as I look back on my life, there are many things I wish I would’ve done but never did because I feared I wouldn’t be good at them. Well this year I’m changing things up!  I stole my resolution from the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey. My resolution for 2015 is to not be afraid to try new things (aka say yes more)! And so far I’ve done very well. I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet but have always thought it was too hard to do. This past weekend I decided to learn. It is super difficult and I’ve wanted to quit about 5 times already. What I hope to obtain from this resolution is that it’s okay to not be perfect. As Annette Funicello says, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”  – Shawn Kinard

I have made a commitment not to hit the snooze button in the morning this year. Falling back asleep for 10 minutes and waking up only puts you in a bad mood to start your day. Instead I have set my alarm 15 minutes earlier and have been riding my exercise bike listening to sports talk radio. I am 2 days in and feel GREAT! – Mike Bays

“Today, I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered.” – Dr. Seuss. I never stick with New Year’s resolutions so this year I am quantifying them! Numbers and lists to check off work better for me than vague statements:

  • Read 2+ books per month
  • Camp 4+ times this year
  • Involve myself in something with my church other than just attending
  • Exercise 3+ days per week
  • Drink 6+ glasses of water per day (this is a huge challenge for me) – Katherine Ericson

I try not to make resolutions because I know I will break them before the month is over. Instead, I continue a vow I have had for many years. I always try to be a better person in whatever areas need improving that come to my attention. I also try to do something good for someone else without them finding out about it. If they find out, it doesn’t count. – Tanya Henderson

I am a big believer in New Year’s resolutions and I always make them. I have personal goals, family goals and work goals. It is very important for me to have personal and family goals as the majority of my energy and time go to my work. Without them, I would not achieve all I could for myself and family. Last year a personal goal of mine was to run a 1000 miles, but did not quite make it – 900 and change is what I did! My oldest brother has had this goal the last two years and has accomplished it both times. I am trying again this year and am on track so far.  A family goal I have is to continue to eat healthier and make healthier meals for my family.  I don’t care about carbs or fat; I care more about local food. Local food from small farms is so much healthier for you than food from commercial farms. It is also better for the earth and the animals. Another family goal I have is to participate in a couple of triathlons with my daughter and go camping with my son.  I also look forward to setting work goals with our fabulous team at our annual planning session coming up. – Ginny Beach

From a professional standpoint, I would like to improve and grow my local business network, both from the client and candidate standpoint. In order to achieve this outreach, I’m plan to beef up my LinkedIn profile using the information from our seminars this past year. From a personal standpoint, I plan to get back involved with a men’s Bible study group at my church. – Richard Heard

I make New Year’s resolutions every year with varying levels of success. I write down my resolutions (and goals) every year and read them every day. I also give myself a reward of some type for each week and month that I actually achieve my goal. I have an article that I have saved which reminds me that when I fail, I should not just give up but start over. – Carol Tribby

IMG_1747Working at Godshall to help people find new jobs and change their lives constantly reminds me of how blessed I am and what a wonderful life I have. I have an amazing family, a cute new husband, a brand new puppy and bountiful opportunities ahead. My goal for 2015 is to wake up every day and just be thankful. When things seem to be moving along at a very positive pace, I have a hard time remembering how many wonderful blessings there really are in my life and tend to focus a lot of my efforts on the few and far between negatives. This should not only be a 2015 resolution but something to guide me through every single day! – Rebecca Faulk

What are some resolutions you have for 2015?