TRUST: How can both sides ensure success from offer to start date?

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The hiring market is very strong not only in the Upstate but across the country. Talent placements are made or lost quickly due to the fast pace required to onboard top talent. One key component in the hiring process creates the foundation for a successful employment relationship: trust.

Mutual trust begins with the first interaction.

Company: Is this candidate whom he says he is? Does he provide requested information promptly and accurately? Can we trust his intentions?

Candidate: Is this company what it says it is? Does it set expectations in the hiring process that it meets or exceeds? Can I trust it enough to share my strengths, weaknesses, and career goals?

Trust builders

  • Timely responses by both the company and the candidate.
  • Clearly defined steps and transparency in the hiring process.
  • Honest information-sharing regarding experience, goals, and finances.
  • An opportunity to meet with current employees, if appropriate.

Trust killers

  • A lengthy and unclear hiring process.
  • A lack of response or followup on either side.
  • One-sided discussions focused on “what can you do for me?”
  • Sharing inconsistent information during the process.

Due to a strong economy and tight labor market, candidates have more opportunities than ever. Many feel that they have to stay on the market to secure their futures. We often see candidates accepting offers but continuing to interview. As a hiring manager, your goal is not only to attract top talent, but to create a relationship of trust.

Employers should consider their responsibilities to candidates who are making major life decisions. Candidates need to remember that giving their word should mean something. Be trustworthy and follow through once you’ve accepted a position. Your reputation is everything.

By: Julie Godshall Brown


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