The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing


Interviews can be a great time to showcase talent. Remember the adage, “You never get a second time to make a first impression,” so it is critical in today’s market to make yourself shine. This is one of those times where bragging is acceptable!

  1. Never show up late to an interview. Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early and take into account traffic conditions and directions. Most hiring managers make the assumption that a candidate late to the interview will be late to the job. I often encourage candidates to drive to the interview location the evening before to make sure there are no obstacles preventing a timely arrival.
  2. Never treat any employee at the company with disrespect. This includes the receptionist. Often those gate keepers will reveal a candidate’s demeanor to the hiring manager.
  3. Keep any personal problems private.
  4. Remember, companies are interested in hiring you for their gain–not yours. Think of concrete examples of how you have saved a company time or money, how you increased sales or improved efficiencies. Never tell a hiring manager that you are desperate for a job because of a desperate personal situation.
  5. Never bring a cell phone or any electronic device to an interview.
  6. Come to the interview after doing your homework. Research the company, study the job description, bring references and come prepared with any questions about the job itself.
  7. Never wear strong cologne, perfume, or lotion to the interview. Many hiring managers are sensitive to different scents including cigarettes.
  8. Even in a casual working environment, refrain from wearing tank tops, flip flops and sweat pants/shirts.
  9. Keep nails trimmed and groomed without chipped polish.
  10. Sometimes hiring managers do a great job of putting candidates at ease, but remember to keep up a professional guard. Do not get “too comfortable” in that first interview, reverting to slang or revealing too much about your personal life.
  11. If interested in the position, ask for the job!
  12. Always remember thank the hiring manager for their time and always follow up with a thank you note.

What are some tips you would suggest for interviewing?

Written by: Catherine Culler Catherine Culler

Catherine Culler has been a recruiter with Godshall Recruiting and Staffing since 2000. She specializes in recruiting and staffing for accounting, human resources, legal, administrative, financial, sales and customer service positions. Her prior background includes work in medical sales and sales training. She has three children, a son who is in seventh grade and twin daughters in sixth grade.


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