The Power of a Thank You Note

            Despite living in a technology driven world, the effort of a hand written thank you note should not become a lost art! I am sure you grew up hearing the phrase “it is the small things that make a difference” and that remains true in the post interview process as well. While a thank you note sent via email is certainly acceptable, a handwritten note (and its contents) can set you apart from other candidates. It is not a time consuming effort, yet can have a huge reward!
             As a seasoned recruiter, I have witnessed multiple success stories where a thank you note was the GAME CHANGER! In 2011, I had several candidates interview for a Director of Marketing position. After receiving the client’s feedback at the end of the day, they decided not to pursue one of the candidates because he did not have enough industry specific experience—or so they thought. Within 48 hours, the client received a thank you note that made them rethink the entire interview and marketing strategy for their organization. The note was far more detailed than just thanking the interviewer for their time; it was thought provoking and meaningful. It not only expressed his excitement in taking on the challenge, but it addressed his specific plan to impact the company branding strategy, staff development and community relationships to drive business and increase their bottom line. After receiving this note, the client could not help but bring him back for a 2nd interview which resulted in a job offer on the spot. That very thank you note proved to be worth $60,000!
           It is common courtesy to acknowledge someone’s time. Because so many people fail to send a thank you note, it truly can set you apart! A thank you letter gives you the chance to highlight your specific skills and integrate those skills into their organization. It also allows you to touch on any key points you may have forgotten during the actual interview, respond to any objections, address any challenges and show off your written communication skills. In today’s market, you cannot afford to have a generic resume. In turn, a generic thank you note is no longer good enough either. It needs to be customized to the interviewer and reflect a personal touch!
             Always remember that the interview process does not end when you leave the building. Do not lose sight of the power that a thank you note has. It could actually be the small post interview effort that opens the door to your new career!

Written by: Cathy BoggsCathy Boggs

Cathy is a Greenville native and Clemson graduate with a BS in Business Management.  She has over 15 years of experience with Godshall specializing in banking, finance and professional placements.  Prior to joining Godshall, she worked for an international retailer in human resources.  She is married to a West Virginia Mountaineer that will never let her live down the loss of the 2012 Orange Bowl.  She has 2 adorable sons, ages 4 and 7, that she is raising to love the color orange!


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