How to Land Your First Job in Healthcare and Keep It

Congratulations! You’ve landed your first healthcare job. You feel like a rock star. You’ve got the skills, personality and professionalism that your employer wanted, but any savvy employee knows that landing the job is only the beginning. Now you have to keep the job! A few tips to ensure success:

1.      Your Office Hours Are Not 8:07am-­4:59pm

 Be on time. It sounds so simple, yet everyday good employees get terminated for this very infraction. How embarrassing to lose your shiny new job because you are consistently five minutes late! It doesn’t matter that you work late to make it up. It is your responsibility to be on time, and once you’ve lost a job for tardiness, it makes you less desirable to be hired again.

2.      Gold Stars

 Show initiative! Employers love this. If you finish your work early, ask for more to do. You’ll look like the superstar you are. Pitching in where needed is in everyone’s job description.

3.       Have I Told You About the Time…

 You were smart and kept the personal information to a minimum in the interview. Now that you’ve got the job, the same rules apply and even more so. Stay away from office drama.  You are there to work and work only.

4.      Can You Help Me With My Boxes?

 Don’t move in. A photo, nice pens and a plant are fine if you have a desk or work area, but don’t bring everything from your home into your work area.

5.      Mom, Can We Have Pizza for Dinner?

 Keep your cell phone off and personal calls to a minimum. If your cell phone must be on for emergencies, have it on vibrate or silent mode and return calls only on breaks or at lunch. Train your friends and family to know that calling you during work hours is only for emergencies. Texting is also a growing concern in business settings. Texting while driving can wreck your car, and texting while working can wreck your job.

 6.      Training Day

 Many new employees complain that they get limited training when they begin a job. Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced medical offices this is quite possibly true. Take notes, ask smart questions and ask for feedback early on. If your manager doesn’t officially match you up with a seasoned employee as a mentor, take notice of who stands out as an exemplary employee and model their behavior. You can learn an enormous amount of valuable information in the first two weeks of a new job just by keeping quiet and observing.

7.       Big Brother is Watching

 No internet surfing—checking emails, Facebook, shopping sites and job boards are not for work hours, and many employers can easily track your every move on the computer. Do  you really want to tell your next employer that you were terminated in your last job because you were updating your status on Facebook?

It is a competitive market right now. Hiring officials want the best possible clinical and clerical staff for their medical offices. With these easy tips, you are well on your way to landing the healthcare job of your dreams and keeping it!

Written by: Karen Truesdale

Karen TruesdaleKaren Truesdale is celebrating her 12th year with Godshall this summer. She manages the support operations for the office as well as all the medical credentialing for Godshall’s healthcare employees. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Wofford College and a Master of Elementary Education from Converse College. She is an avid animal lover and movie/entertainment trivia buff.

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