10 Tips for Employers on Welcoming New Hires

A new employee’s experience on their first day and during the first few weeks is critical to their overall impression of your company. Below are some suggestions to make the transition into a new company and new role as smooth as possible.

1. Make sure the new employee’s office area is clean and the desk drawers don’t have any unnecessary items from previous employees. This may seem like a given but is many times overlooked.

2. Have business cards and a name plate for the desk printed ahead of time.

3. Have the new employee come in later than normal on the first day. This allows you to get any high priority things done first so that when they arrive, you can give them your full attention.

4. Give a tour of the office, being sure to point out restrooms, supply areas, break room, parking areas, etc.

5. Review policies and procedures thoroughly and allow plenty of time for questions. You may be surprised at how many small details you have forgotten since you last read the company’s policies.

6. Inform the receptionist of the employee’s start date and the correct pronunciation of their name.

7. Make sure current employees know when the new employee is starting and include a short bio on the employee. Nothing says you’re welcome here like half the staff not knowing who you are!

8. Have logins, email accounts and passwords ready.

9. Introduce the new employee to other staff members and designate one person to be a point of contact for questions or concerns over the first few weeks.

10. Invite the new employee out to lunch. This is always a nice touch and again makes them feel very welcome!

What are some ways your company makes new hires feel special?

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