Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always a time to look back on our lives and be thankful for all that has been provided to us. We’re thankful for the memories we’ve created with the families and friends we have. We’re thankful for the delicious food we will never be able to eat enough of. We’re thankful for the traditions that may or may not have been created on purpose! Here are some of the memories and traditions our staff is most thankful for!

I have numerous memories and traditions for Thanksgiving. One of the biggest traditions my mom and I  have is waking up around 5:00am every morning on Black Friday to get the best deals. Most people hate it, but we find it insanely fun trying to save every penny we can! We love a bargain! But my favorite part of any holiday is the fellowship I get to be a part of. Even though my family is rather small compared to most, I love spending time with them. It’s something you can’t take for granted because tomorrow is never guaranteed. – Shawn Kinard

One of our traditions is we celebrate “Thanksmas” the Saturday after Thanksgiving in West Virginia with my husband’s family and extended family of Aunts, Uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. It is the day we “kick off” Christmas with a white elephant gift exchange, delicious food, great football, and an enjoyable time with family that we only see annually on “Thanksmas!”- Cathy Boggs

My favorite memory for Thanksgiving was 18 years ago. It was the first thanksgiving that I was married. We invited lots of family over for dinner. My husband put the turkey on the smoker. Little did I know, the neck and giblets had to be discarded first.index He overheard me on the phone asking a relative where I would find them!!! The look on my husband’s face was priceless. I am thankful he can still put up with me 18 thanksgivings later. Now, I enjoy every second of making a flawless family Thanksgiving dinner.  – Catherine Culler

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the time with my family; we do eat a great deal but we try to relax, take walks and take time to reflect on how blessed we are. If I had to go with a food favorite, my grandmother’s stuffing would win for my Thanksgiving side dish! Even though my grandmother joins us for the meal, my mom makes the stuffing now. It is different from your typical stuffing; it is heavier like a dressing but still has that yummy cornbread taste! – Rebecca Faulk

Some of our favorite things about Thanksgiving are:

  • Spending time with family
  • Watching the parade
  • Football games on TV and in the backyard with our now teenage boys
  • Preparing the meal is as much fun as eating it
  • The Clemson v. Carolina game! It is always a fun way to kick of Thanksgiving weekend!
  • Putting up the Christmas tree!                                     – Julie Brown

I am thankful for my mother.  She is the youngest of 10 kids and has been cooking full meals since she was 10 years old.  Every year she makes a flawless Thanksgiving meal that is on the table at 12:00pm sharp.  It’s only when you get older that you realize all the time that it takes to prepare a huge feast and how expensive it is! Turkey and all the trimmings is not cheap. 🙂 I’m 42 and I’ve never had to cook for Thanksgiving.  My mom likes to do it all.  Now that I’m married and have to spend the holidays with two sets of families, I appreciate my mother’s food even more. She just makes everything yummy!  Here’s one of my favorites that my husband specifically asked for this year:

Baked Corn

-2 cups of corn
-2 eggs well beaten
-2 cups of grated Monterrey Jack cheese
-1.5 cups of sour cream
-½ cup soft bread crumbs
-1 (4.5 oz.) can of chopped green chiles
-½ tsp salt
-¼ tsp pepper
-½ cup grated cheddar cheese

Combine all ingredients except the cheddar cheese.  Pour into a 2 quart baking dish.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  Top with cheddar cheese.  Bake 5 minutes more.  Let stand for 10 minutes before serving. It’s delicious! – Karen Truesdale

As I was growing up and right up to about 5 years ago, my family would travel to Huntersville, NC to my Great Grandparent’s farm.  My grandfather’s brother and sister lived there and still own about 30 acres.  My grandfather would perform the prayer and it was always remarkable and well received by all in attendance.  After the meal, we’d all go out to the pasture and shoot skeet or feed the cows (sometimes, they did not have cows).  My cousins and I would always find new things to discover in old shops and barns scattered around the property.  If the weather did not cooperate, we could always sit around and listen to my grandfather talk about farm life back during the Great Depression or my uncle’s war time experiences during World War II.  Many memories have been etched into my family there in Huntersville!  Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Lake Hartwell with Julie’s family and my mom as we await the annual Clemson vs. USC game! – Drew Brown

What are some of your favorite traditions or memories from Thanksgiving?

Meet the Staff!

Introducing Katherine Ericson!

Katherine Ericson

Healthcare and Marketing Recruiter

I am a Greenville transplant.  I have lived in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Virginia. I am a Wake Forest graduate – “Go Deacs!” I am married to a phenomenal husband with two fabulous children and an adorable Springer Spaniel, Molly. I enjoy reading, traveling, spending time with family, cooking, hiking and camping. I have been a recruiter at Godshall for nine years, focusing on healthcare, insurance and marketing industries.

1. How did you get into recruiting? – When I decided Greenville was where I wanted to settle, I was told by multiple people, “You HAVE to meet Julie Godshall Brown!” With 13 years of experience in marketing and customer relations, she thankfully felt recruiting would be a natural fit!

2. You staff for medical and marketing. How did you break into those fields? What do you enjoy most about each? Prior to Godshall, I did marketing in Charlotte, NC for commercial real estate and a large radiology practice. The knowledge I’ve obtained in these fields has helped me tremendously in penetrating the healthcare field and expanding our presence in the market by becoming an expert in the skills and needs for these positions. I love both industries for different reasons. Healthcare employees are some of the most wonderful people you can meet. They have so much passion for their profession. The market is fast moving and people are hungry to find the right fit. I feel like I am in the trenches with the office managers in trying to develop a strong team for their practice. Being a marketing professional, it is a natural fit for me to want to work in creative environments. The candidates are so unique and professional, and the employers are innovative and continue to impress me with the way they remain leaders in the market.

3. What is your favorite part about recruiting? It may sound cheesy, but we change people’s lives. We’ve assisted new graduates in their first career and helped people trying to get back on their feet after troubled times, especially after the recession. When I make that perfect match, I try to stay in touch and see where people are 5 years later. It always brings a smile to my face to learn they are still happy and enjoying their job.

4. What are the top 4 traits you look for when interviewing?

1. Ambition – Hunger to work and work hard! It surprises me daily how often I don’t feel this from my interviewees.
2. Pride – Someone who takes pride in their success!
3. Communication – As an English major, I am always impressed with good articulators. Be prepared to articulate your job history and your professional goals. If I can’t understand your experience and desires, how can I recommend you to our clients with confidence?
4. Personality – Be positive! People want someone on their team they can connect with in a positive way. However, you do want to be careful with this and read your interviewer – show your personality but remain professional!

5. If you could give advice to those looking for a job, what would it be?
Remember that you are looking for a job because YOU want a better situation for yourself. Yes, there are layoffs and there are unfortunate situations, but when you are on an interview, it is your time to find something even better than your last situation. Be excited for the possibilities! My husband and I always tell our children, “YOU are responsible for your life – make it great!”

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!

Have you ever been to a Clemson University sporting event and seen their mascot, the Tiger? Ever wondered what it’s like to be in that suit? Michael Bays knows! He was the Clemson Tiger back in the early 90’s. He has been with Godshall for 4 years now, after working as the Director of HR at another company for the previous 5 years.

1. How did you discover Clemson University?

Being from Pennsylvania, people have a hard time understanding how I came down to the South. My sister was accepted to Clemson and played in the marching band, so as good families do, we planned 3 trips a year to watch her march at Clemson games. Of course, I was hooked after experiencing their spirit, the great weather, and all the football traditions! It was unreal!

2. How did you become the Clemson Tiger?

I got a job moving equipment for the Tiger Band my freshman year and was able to meet the current mascot at that time. We became friends and he let me put on the suit and work a baseball game. I decided to go to tryouts in the Spring and was offered the job. We had to put together a skit, perform at a baseball game, do push-ups and interview with prior mascots.

3. What was life like as the Clemson Tiger?

I was very honored to be the Goodwill Ambassador for the school, traveling across our state for appearances as well as having the best view for every sporting event. There were times when I would fly in a private plane to IPTAY meetings with our coaches or drive miles upon miles to be at various events. There is only 1 student out of 18,000 enrolled that gets to experience college the way I did. I got to do this for 3 years! I still have the career push-up record for football games!

4. What was your favorite thing about being the Clemson Tiger?

Smiling faces! It’s amazing how people let their guard down when you approach them in the suit. People hug you, high five you, and parents even throw their newborns in your arms for pictures! There is no better feeling than making someone’s day. You get to do this all of the time! Once you are a Tiger at Clemson, you are always the Tiger. People still introduce me as “The Tiger” to their friends.

5. What are some of your greatest memories as the Tiger?

Too many things to name!
• I once switched outfits with USC’s “Cocky” at an appearance. It was amazing how people loved me just a few moments ago, but hated me the next.
• I used to march on the field during the opposing team band’s half time show.
• I loved showing up to classes as The Tiger unannounced.
• Once I had my roommate dress up as the Tiger for a Halloween Party at a friend’s house and I arrived with him in a ball cap and a hoodie where nobody recognized me. All of my friends were approaching him and talking to him as “Mike” thinking it was me in the suit. At this point, I took off my hat and hoodie and shocked everyone who knew I was the Tiger. My roommate stayed in the suit and in character all night!


6. Any advice or tips you would give to future Clemson Tigers?

Enjoy the ride, make people smile and remember that the former Tigers are watching you closely and critiquing you. I still go back and judge tryouts and actually do some training with the current mascots. Like I said before, “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.”

Were you ever the Tiger while you were at Clemson? We’d love for you to share your stories!