Meet the Staff!

Godshall would like to introduce you to one of our newest staff members. Douglas Fowler is from London, England and is a career recruiter with over 12 years of management experience working across the US and European markets. His job was to help companies hire Sales, Marketing, Technical, HR and Finance professionals at all levels. He is married, has two children, 1 dog and unfortunately is a transplant UGA fan.


Q: What initially brought you to the United States?

A : “I met, fell in love with and married a “Greenvillian” 17 years ago. We lived in London for the first 11 years of our marriage, coming back to the US twice a year. Eight years ago, as our children were young and we have a lot of family here, we felt it was the right time to relocate – otherwise we probably never would have left. My in-laws having a lake house also helped….”

Q: What was the hardest thing to adapt to here in the “States?”

A: “Football” not being played with the feet. My children not playing competitive sports at school. Cost of groceries, utilities and tradesmen! Not being able to walk to the shops. Seeing the vast majority of my sarcasm being lost on people. July 4th (see above)! Everyone’s apparent fear of Marmite!” (Here is it’s official Facebook Page!

Q: What do you miss most about London?

A: “Friends and family, pubs, not needing a car, public transport, National Health Service, TV shows, the weather during July and August, the Queen, Rich Tea Biscuits, Richmond Park, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, Fruit Gums, the chocolate, Cricket at Lords or the Oval, 6 Nations Rugby, Pimms and Lemonade, cheese and onion crisps (or “chips” to the readers), British summers and the English countryside. That’s about it!”

Q: How is the workplace different from the workplace in London?

A: “Earlier start and finish time here, which gives you more time for after-work activities (much better than back home), shorter commute (why does everything seem to take 15 minutes to get to in Greenville?), less vacation time and no “long lunches” like we had in England. Overall, I think the work environment is less formal back home (in my experience). Weekends tended to start at lunchtime on Friday!”

Q: If you could bring one thing over from London to the US, what would it be?

A: “More English people!”

Q: What do you like about Greenville”

A: “The people are some of the nicest I’ve met. The area is fantastic and the quality of life compared to what we would have had back in the UK are poles apart. Gas IS cheap, regardless of what you think!


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