“Out On The Town” in Greenville, SC

Are you new to the area? Trying to figure out the best places to eat around here? No need to worry! Here are our some of our staff’s favorite restaurants!


“I love their Chicken Torsh. AND they have a reserved parking spot across the street for to-go orders!” – Courtney Mebane


“I always like Brick Street Café.  They have the best chicken salad and love muffin! And their sweet potato cake is the best ever! ” – Catherine Culler

augusta grill“I love Augusta Grill. It is fantastic, low-key, comfortable and feels like a neighborhood club.” – Drew Brown

rick erwins

“I love Rick Erwin’s! It is fantastic! We always feel like we’ve been “out on the town” when we go to Rick Erwin’s! Of course with two teenagers, we don’t get to go enough!” – Julie Brown

Cucharita“I love to go to “La Cucharita”! It is a Colombian restaurant on Pleasantburg and East North St. Food brings memories and when I go to this restaurant it brings a lot of memories from my mom and grandmother’s cooking growing up in Colombia. It is a taste of my country here in Greenville!” – Ana Davis

lazy goat

“No matter how many times I eat there, the fried goat cheese never fails me. I love Mediterranean food and being able to eat it tapas style and try a wide variety of menu items. The atmosphere at The Lazy Goat is comfortable and relaxed but brings both a big city and local feel all at the same time. Not to mention, the view of beautiful downtown Greenville isn’t too shabby! Table 301 does a wonderful job with all of their restaurants, but The Lazy Goat will always be my “go to!” – Rebecca Faulk


“Tupelo Honey is by far my favorite place to go! I have very limited options for restaurants because I am gluten-free. Thankfully, Tupelo Honey has an entire gluten-free menu! I love their Pimento Cheese dish; they turned something so ordinary into an absolute delicacy! Apparently their biscuits are to die for as well, but I wouldn’t know :)! ” – Shawn Kinard


“Larkin’s is my favorite! I had my wedding reception there so how can it not be my favorite! Their food is consistent, wonderful and you can’t get a prettier atmosphere than one while sitting on their patio!” – Katherine Ericson

Meet the Staff!

Godshall would like to introduce you to one of our newest staff members. Douglas Fowler is from London, England and is a career recruiter with over 12 years of management experience working across the US and European markets. His job was to help companies hire Sales, Marketing, Technical, HR and Finance professionals at all levels. He is married, has two children, 1 dog and unfortunately is a transplant UGA fan.


Q: What initially brought you to the United States?

A : “I met, fell in love with and married a “Greenvillian” 17 years ago. We lived in London for the first 11 years of our marriage, coming back to the US twice a year. Eight years ago, as our children were young and we have a lot of family here, we felt it was the right time to relocate – otherwise we probably never would have left. My in-laws having a lake house also helped….”

Q: What was the hardest thing to adapt to here in the “States?”

A: “Football” not being played with the feet. My children not playing competitive sports at school. Cost of groceries, utilities and tradesmen! Not being able to walk to the shops. Seeing the vast majority of my sarcasm being lost on people. July 4th (see above)! Everyone’s apparent fear of Marmite!” (Here is it’s official Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/Marmite)

Q: What do you miss most about London?

A: “Friends and family, pubs, not needing a car, public transport, National Health Service, TV shows, the weather during July and August, the Queen, Rich Tea Biscuits, Richmond Park, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, Fruit Gums, the chocolate, Cricket at Lords or the Oval, 6 Nations Rugby, Pimms and Lemonade, cheese and onion crisps (or “chips” to the readers), British summers and the English countryside. That’s about it!”

Q: How is the workplace different from the workplace in London?

A: “Earlier start and finish time here, which gives you more time for after-work activities (much better than back home), shorter commute (why does everything seem to take 15 minutes to get to in Greenville?), less vacation time and no “long lunches” like we had in England. Overall, I think the work environment is less formal back home (in my experience). Weekends tended to start at lunchtime on Friday!”

Q: If you could bring one thing over from London to the US, what would it be?

A: “More English people!”

Q: What do you like about Greenville”

A: “The people are some of the nicest I’ve met. The area is fantastic and the quality of life compared to what we would have had back in the UK are poles apart. Gas IS cheap, regardless of what you think!

It Was The Summer of 2014!


A season of sunshine, lemonade, fun at the pool, and lots of vacations! Sadly enough, as summer quickly comes to an end, and the fall season starts, we thought it would be fun to share some of our best memories from this past summer!

karenkaren2“For Christmas 2013 I wanted to do something special for my dad—not just another tangible gift that he didn’t need or want, but an experience we could share together. My father is a quiet man with few material needs or wants. I had heard a lot of amazing things about Myrtle Beach Safari where you could get up close and personal with animals that you’d normally only get to see on TV or behind bars at a zoo. I am an animal lover and always have been.  My dad grew up on a farm. I thought this could be perfect. So this summer my dad and I booked our “safari.” It was an amazing day. We got to hold an adorable 1 month old tiger cub, feed a 3 month old tiger, feed an elephant, hold chimps, see a liger, etc. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and I’ll have the pictures to cherish forever. The smile on my dad’s face says it all!”
– Karen Truesdale


“This summer, I spent a great deal of my time planning my wedding! I was married on September 6th so any free time I had, I was making decisions on invitations, venue décor and food and spending time with family and friends in preparation. After the wedding and a honeymoon trip to Mexico, the summer feels like it is slowly rolling into fall. I am very blessed for all of the events and changes that have occurred over the past six months, what a wonderful summer it was!” – Rebecca Faulk

“One of our favorite and most delicious

memories was stopping for ice cream

after hiking at DuPont National Forest!”

– Carol Tribby

mikespic“This past summer, I had the chance to go see one of my favorite bands for what may seem to be their last concert. Nowadays you never know when classic rock bands are going to reunite for tours and for how long they will be carrying on their tours due to their ages. The band recently formed with former American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert and I eagerly awaited the tour dates as I was sure that a Charlotte or Atlanta date would be almost certain. It was not! The closest venue was in Columbia, Maryland so of course I planned a trip to DC for a long weekend without kids for the wife and I to tour our nation’s capital and met up with an old high school friend of mine to see Queen with Adam Lambert.

We had floor “standing room only” tickets and were 1 row back at the stage. The show was amazing and my wife agreed that if the band toured again that we would make the drive again to see them play!” -Michael Bays

“The highlight of my summer was going down to Naples with a group of girlfriends. We had great food, enjoyed a fun nightlife, and rented a boat for the day.” – Hannah Barfield

I think it’s safe to say we all had a very memorable summer and can’t wait to create lasting memories in the coming year!

Do you have any fun stories or memories from this summer?